UMC is a leading global semiconductor foundry that manufactures advanced system-on-chip (SoC) designs for applications spanning every major sector of the IC industry. UMC's SoC Solution Foundry strategy is based on the strength of the company's advanced technologies, which include production-proven 90nm, 65nm, mixed signal/RFCMOS, and a wide range of specialty technologies.

Integrand is a UMC partner and has had deep and close working relationship since 2004 when UMC started licensing EMX and Continuum. Integrand has collaborated with UMC in the design of IP libraries and component design. Integrand and UMC have published joint papers at conferences such as CICC '07. Integrand was recently the recipient of UMC's award for "outstanding contributions to their SOC solution".

UMC currently uses Integrand's EMX and Continuum to generate scalable models for

  • Inductors: standard, symmetric, center-tapped, stacked, and shielded
  • MOM capacitors: interdigitated finger capacitors with and without shielding planes
  • Baluns and transformers: 4,5 and 6 port designs with varying turns ratios

UMC is deploying Integrand's Optimal Inductor, Capacitor and Transformer Finders (OIF, OCF, OTF) as part of its Foundry Design Kit (FDK). These synthesis tools are linked to the scalable models generated by Continuum. They provide a Cadence Virtuoso® interface that allows designers to instantly synthesize a component based on user-specified criteria. For example, you may want a 2.2nH inductor with peak Q at 2.5GHz and with SRF at least 10GHz. The optimum design can be found instantaneously using the OIF.

EMX has been verified on technology nodes from 0.18um thru 45nm for a wide class of structures and components. Silicon verification is available for a large class of components and devices including several types of inductors, MIM capacitors, MOM capacitors, transformers and transmission lines.

UMC provides

  • certified process technology files for EMX that have been extensively verified against silicon measurements
  • measurements and associated GDSII layouts
  • EMX scripts and examples for getting the user up and running quickly

UMC documents for the OIF, OCF and OTF:




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