TSMC is the world's largest dedicated semiconductor foundry providing leading process technology and the largest portfolio of process-proven libraries, IP, design tools, and reference flows. TSMC is a trusted partner for silicon manufacturing to both the smallest fabless start-up ventures and to large multi-national companies.

Certification Reports
Integrand is a TSMC partner and has been working closely with TSMC for several years. EMX has been verified on technology nodes from 0.18um thru 28nm for a wide class of structures and components. Silicon verification is available for several types of components and devices including various types of inductors, MIM capacitors, MoM capacitors, transformers and transmission lines. These results are documented in certification reports and are available by request from TSMC online. Please enter "EMX" in the search box. EMX is part of the Reference Design Kit 2.0 and can be downloaded from TSMC online. See the public presentation at DAC 2010.

Enablement kit

TSMC provides

  • certified process technology files for EMX that have been extensively verified against silicon measurements
  • measurements and associated GDSII layouts

Scalable models generated using EMX and Continuum for TSMC design kits

TSMC has licensed EMX and Continuum to develop scalable models for passives for distribution within their design kits. These scalable models are for components such as

  • Inductors: standard, symmetric, center-tapped, stacked
  • Baluns and transformers

These models have been extensively verified against measurements

Please contact TSMC to obtain the scalable models.



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June 11, 2010: TSMC validates EMX for TSMC RF reference flow RDK 2.0 at DAC 2010..
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June 7, 2009: TSMC and Integrand present a method for handling pattern dependent effects for advanced TSMC nodes at RFIC 2009.
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February 18, 2008: Integrand's EMX Qualified for High Frequency Designs in TSMC Advanced Processes

Certification reports:

TSMC customers can obtain EMX certification documents from TSMC online. Please enter "EMX" in the search box. There are several documents that can be downloaded.

iRCX technology files:

Mutual customers of TSMC and Integrand may contact their TSMC liaison to obtain an iRCX file for their technology node. Integrand will provide a parser to convert the iRCX file to the EMX format. Integrand can provide a document that shows measurement versus simulations when using the iRCX technology file for a number of different devices such as inductors, stacked inductors, MOM capacitors, transformers and baluns.