STATS ChipPAC provides the highest level integration of wireless systems. With leading edge technology in Chip Scale Module Package (CSMP), IPD, 3D packaging and a comprehensive RF solutions portfolio, including wafer sort, design, assembly, RF test and supply chain management, STATS ChipPAC offers RF semiconductor companies a complete turnkey solution and distinct competitive advantage in their markets.

Certification Documents
Integrand has been working closely with STATSChipPAC for several years. EMX has been extensively verified on the primary IPD process for a wide class of structures and components including inductors,MIM capacitors, resistors, filters, transformers, baluns and interconnect. Silicon verification is available for a large class of components. STATSChipPAC used EMX for designing all the internal components that can be found in the IPD databook.

Enablement kit

STATSChipPAC provides

  • certified process technology files for EMX that have been extensively verified against silicon measurements
  • measurements and associated GDSII layouts
  • EMX scripts and examples for getting the user up and running quickly



Publications by STATSChipPAC using EMX

Investigation of Mutual Inductive Coupling in RF Stacked-Die Assemblies, ECTC '08

Three-Stage Bandpass Filters Implemented in Silicon IPD Technology Using Magnetic Coupling Between Resonators, IMS '08

A Hybrid Coupled-Resonator Bandpass Filter Topology Implemented on Lossy Semiconductor Substrates, IMS '07

Full-Circuit Design Optimization of an RF Silicon Integrated Passive Device, EPEP '06

A Monolithic, Compact Balun/Matching Network for SiP Applications, EPEP '04