Old papers by Integrand's founders on EM simulation

Large-Scale Capacitance Calculation
Full-chip interconnect analysis. Appeared in DAC '00

Efficient  techniques for Modeling Chip-level interconnect, substrate and package parasitics:
Summary of recent efforts for efficient extraction and reduced order modeling. Appeared in DATE '99

Efficient Electromagnetic and Electrostatic simulation using IES3
Special issue on fast algorithms. Appeared in IEEE journal on Comp. Eng, December '98

High-Order Nystrom Schemes for Efficient 3-D capacitance extraction
Combining IES3 with high-order schemes.  Appeared in ICCAD '98.

Efficient full-wave simulation in layered lossy Media
IES3 applied to electromagnetic simulation . Appeared in CICC '98.

Efficient Three-dimensional Extraction Based on Static and Full-wave Layered Green's functions
The procedure for constructing Green's functions for layered media. Appeared in DAC '98.

IES3: A Fast Integral Equation Solver for Efficient 3-Dimensional Extraction
A technique for solving large dense linear systems, with applications to extraction. Appeared in ICCAD '97.