Integrand's EMX Qualified for High Frequency Designs in TSMC Advanced Processes

Berkeley Heights, NJ, February 18, 2008 -- Integrand Software, Inc. today announced that it qualified its EMX® tool for TSMC's Electromagnetic (EM) Tool Qualification Program. TSMC's EM Tool Qualification Program assists IC designers by providing certified process technology files, layout and measurements for 65nm and 90nm process technologies. Certified process files eliminate several error sources in the design process and enable designers to use Integrand's EMX simulator on various TSMC processes with confidence. Integrand worked with TSMC to ensure that the TSMC's common iRCX (interchangeable RCX) process file format is accurate and handles the critical features required by EM simulators that go beyond the requirements of standard RC extraction tools such as substrate properties and poly/od metallization. Integrand's EMX 3D full-wave simulator has a unique emphasis on complete automation coupled with uncompromised speed and accuracy. EMX features automated handling of mask-ready layout, without need for hand editing. It handles advanced numerics and fully 3D geometry, including volume currents, sidewall capacitance and vias. Since small structures such as inductors or MOM capacitors can be simulated in minutes, designers typically use EMX for final verification of RF blocks that may include multiple RF passives and surrounding interconnect. "We are extremely glad that EMX is qualified and certified against a set of measured devices, such as inductors, MOM, and MIM capacitors for TSMC 130nm, 90nm, and 65nm process technologies," said Sharad Kapur, President of Integrand Software, Inc. "We have developed a parser to convert the process file to the EMX format, guaranteeing circuit designers an accurate process technology file . The simulations agree extremely well with measurements, and the certification reports are now available at TSMC-Online. In addition, Integrand's EMX and EMX-Continuum™ tools have been used for the synthesis of TSMC's 65nm scalable SPICE models for a variety of spiral inductors, including Planar, Stacked and Symmetric inductors."

"The Electromagnetic (EM) Tool Qualification program, as part of TSMC Active Accuracy Assurance Initiative, allows designers to select Integrand's EMX as their EM simulation tool and use TSMC's certified process files, ensuring accuracy for high-frequency designs," said Tom Quan, Deputy Director of Design Service Marketing at TSMC. "This will reduce time-to-market, improve design confidence and eliminate several sources of error from the design process."

About Integrand Software, Inc.

Integrand Software, Inc. provides electronic design automation (EDA) software for high frequency, RF and Mixed Signal integrated circuits (ICs). Integrand's customers include foundries, semiconductor design houses, and individual designers. Integrand is creating unique tools for the analysis and synthesis of IC and package designs. Integrand's technologies allow designers to accurately and efficiently simulate the behavior of passive components and interconnect. These capabilities shorten design cycles and let companies design substantially better products with less risk. For more information about Integrand, visit http://www.integrandsoftware.com.

About TSMC Active Accuracy Assurance Initiative

TSMC AAA initiative is a broad-based program that encompasses all components of the design ecosystem. It provides standards of accuracy to all TSMC partners, including EDA vendors, IP providers and library developers, and Design Center Alliance (DCA) partners. TSMC applies the same standards to tools, building blocks, and technologies, including TSMC Reference Flow 8.0, design for manufacturing (DFM) tools, process design kits (PDK), design support and backend services.

About TSMC-Online

TSMC-Online is the foundry industry's first delivery system to enable secure online business transaction and information transfer that assists in creating product design, tape-outs, and wafer tracking through each step within the production process. The system's one-to-one integration ensures ease-of-use through features, such as a global search engine in the Technical Information Resource Center and information personalization through My Folders.



Related Information

Certification reports:

TSMC customers can obtain EMX certification documents from TSMC online. Please enter "EMX" in the search box. There are several documents that can be downloaded.

iRCX technology files:

For a mutual customer of TSMC and Integrand please contact your TSMC liaison to obtain an iRCX file for your technology node. Integrand will provide you with the parser to convert the iRCX file to the EMX format. Integrand can also provide you with a document that shows measurement vs simulations when using the iRCX technology file for a number of different devices such as inductors, stacked inductors, MOM capacitors, transformers and baluns.