RF design using on-chip passive components is challenging. Traditionally, foundries have offer fixed component libraries with a small number of characterized passive components. This restricts the designer's choice and results in sub-optimal circuit design. Customers are often forced to to do custom component design when the inductor they need is not in the design kit. This requires them to use third-party EM simulation tools. This approach can be time consuming and error prone if it is not done in close collaboration with the foundry to get accurate process data. It is also difficult
to obtain measurement correlation prior to tape out for custom devices.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Integrand have partnered to create the best-in-class design tools and passive component synthesis kits within the Process Design Kit (PDK). The design libraries now provide scalable components such as inductors and capacitors with large design space coverage. The scalable models are generated using Integrand's 3D solver EMX® and Continuum model generation software. These models have been verified against silicon and shown to be very accurate. These scalable models are used by the synthesis tools the OIF (Optimum Inductor Finder). The OIF and the EMX interface are integrated into Cadence's Virtuoso custom design platform environment and are available for both Cadence 5.141 and Cadence 6.1. The plotting environment is linked to the Cadence Analog design environment. The scalable component models are available for Cadence Spectre, Synopsis, Hspice, Mentor Eldo and Agilent ADS. In addition, GLOBALFOUNDRIES has extensive experience supporting VNCAP/MOMcap synthesis and modeling of customer specific IP using EMX. For more information, please contact a GLOBALFOUNDRIES representative. Designers can now generate an optimal component design in a matter of seconds. These synthesis tools greatly reduce design risk and significantly improves time-to-market. The synthesis tools are provided free to Global Foundries customers.


  • certified process technology files for EMX that have been extensively verified against silicon measurements
  • measurements and associated GDSII layouts
  • EMX scripts, examples and Cadence Virtuoso Interface for getting the user up and running quickly

GLOBALFOUNDRIES is the world’s first full-service semiconductor foundry with a truly global manufacturing and technology footprint. Launched in March 2009 through a partnership between AMD [NYSE: AMD] and the Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC), GLOBALFOUNDRIES provides a unique combination of advanced technology, manufacturing excellence and global operations. With the integration of Chartered Semiconductor in January 2010, GLOBALFOUNDRIES significantly expanded its capacity and ability to provide best-in-class foundry services from mainstream to the leading edge. GLOBALFOUNDRIES is headquartered in Silicon Valley with manufacturing operations in Singapore, Germany, and a new leading-edge fab under construction in Saratoga County, New York. These sites are supported by a global network of R&D, design enablement, and customer support in Singapore, China, Taiwan, Japan, the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom.



Related Information

July 31,2010: GLOBALFOUNDRIES releases PDK with the OIF syntheis tool.

"GLOBALFOUNDRIES utilises Integrand's EMX and Continuum to characterize and simulate inductors and capacitors.  These tools enable us to perform virtual fabrication and automatically construct accurate scalable models with good model-to-hardware correlation.  We have done extensive verification of the models on 130nm and 65nm RFCMOS technology nodes and have found them to be correlating well with RF measurements on silicon. The accuracy of the models is vital to our customers as it enhances their design accuracy and product specifications while reducing risk and time-to-market."
Dr. Michael Cheng, Senior Director, Spice Modeling, Device Technology Division, GLOBALFOUNDRIES